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Acid Eating Acid

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Acid Eating Acid is an unusually good psychedelic colouring book. If a scenario should arise where you or a loved one are experiencing a heightened state of awareness and suddenly feel an overwhelming desire to colour in a picture of a hit of lsd attempting to consume another hit of lsd, then this book would optimally satiate that situation. "The book" also contains, other pages!

25 pages! Many classics including, but not limited to, Monster Doobie (Run Amok in the City), The Mushroom Cycler, Psychedelic Fire Meeting, Monkey Peeing In His Own Mouth and the epic saga, Monster Doobie Rolling People! Available in standard or deluxe edition. Deluxe edition comes with limited edition poster, additional bonus poster, elusive "missing page".. (...and more!)

Printed on perforated pages. Made in Canada.